The Cape Cod Hand Project

Once the sidewalks roll up after the warm weather disappears, locals start to come out of the background to enjoy their chosen environment. Each of these individuals bring a unique talent to the community. All of them use their hands to create and innovate. All of them use their hands to make a living. Cape Cod provides unique societal experience that induces creativity from those that call this man-made island home. It is cut off from the rest of the world by a canal and connected to the mainland by 2 small bridges. Beyond those bridges lives a community of incredibly hearty and talented people. Their stories are both uplifting and heart-breaking.

The Cape Cod Hand Project has set out to study and preserve the stories and hands of unique individuals that choose to call Cape Cod their home. It is important to be able to view and study the hands of those in our community that utilize them to create beautiful works and build strong bonds in a small area. It is equally important to understand their stories and how they came to know their talents and decide to live on Cape Cod.

Black and White photos rarely lie about an individual. Neither does concrete. Both mediums have and show flaws on the outside. Both mediums represent strength of character and individualism. Both mediums can withstand the times and everything that changes with progression. Timeless. By utilizing concrete to cast the hands, this signifies a sort of permanence to the individual. It no longer makes them an outsider looking in, but forges their story and involves them in the larger picture. Concrete makes the connection with the individual and the community being studied by this project. Black and white photos help to tell the story.

Honored to be a part of this new community narrative. Click here to read more.