Simplicity. Sophistication. Superiority.

Those that follow on instagram might remember a quick trip down to New York City this past December. It turned out to be incredibly important.

The coldest weather of the year had just hit and I needed to pack for a few different occasions in 36 hours in one bag. Even with the bare minimum for layering combinations, there was some bulk and strain on my average size duffle, but that wasn’t the worst problem.

The heat generated walking around in the bitter cold is instantly multiplied by the furnaces pumping out piping-hot heat inside every building. Throw in people with bulky coats everywhere and it can get uncomfortable.

How many layers were getting sweated on. Gross. Cotton, even finer blends of fabric, don’t breathe like today’s synthetic fabrics. They hold wetness, which in turn holds odor and, sometimes, creates stains. How many shirts have you pulled out of the laundry with yellow armpits?

This led to thinking about why I really started Cape Cloth in the first place: to create clothing that represented Cape Cod while helping utilize everyone’s experience. This takes it a step further. It is a comprehensive clothing system designed for any situation in any season. The Origin and Ananda Tops are sweat-wicking, odor-resistant, stain-resistant, UPF-30+, lightweight and packable.

That means gym, running, yoga, beach, traveling, whatever you do, you will be more comfortable doing it in these. The embroidery, collar, and zip closures make them stylistically ubiquitous. The fact they barely take up room while being uber-functional and low-maintenance (aka less laundry and wrinkles) make them ready for any weekend adventure on or off Cape.

We ditched the hood and added collars along with zippered closures to our performance polyester that was so popular on our R(ev)olution tops and cut them for Men and Women (and kept the thumb-holes, ladies).

It’s time we all did it better. Feel the Difference. Stay tuned for launch details…