Cyr Secures Over $7 Million in Senate Budget

BOSTON – Senator Julian Cyr (D-Truro) has successfully filed twenty-four amendments, totaling $7.34 million in the FY20 state senate budget.

Cyr secured $740,000 in local initiatives and $6.6 million in statewide priorities for Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. 

Budget amendments include funding to help stem the opioid epidemic, fund housing, critical public safety programs, economic development and environmental safeguards

A majority of amendments focus on providing housing, shelter, and mental health services for seniors and our most vulnerable citizens; fighting the opioid crisis via funding evidence-based prevention and harm reduction programs; supporting critical public safety programs to help veterans, children, as well as victims and witnesses to violent crimes; promoting economic development through employee ownership of small businesses and job training; and safeguarding the environment.  

“I am truly honored to help so many people in my district and throughout the Commonwealth with the FY20 budget by investing in programs which care for human life whether someone is homeless, suffers from mental illness, addicted to opioids, or is the victim of violent crime. People need to believe that our state government will be there to help them in their darkest time,” said Cyr.

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In a time when most political discourse is negative, I’d like to shine a light on the opposite. Let me say a big “Thank You” to Julian for his hard work and addressing some of Cape Cod’s largest year-round problems. Keep it up!