Sandwich Moving Ahead With Medical Marijuana– The Town of Sandwich could soon have medical marijuana available in the community.

Selectmen last week signed a letter that said they will not oppose a plan by Good Health to open a facility in town.

The company is looking to open a medical marijuana facility on a location on Route 130.

With the letter of non-opposition, the company can now go to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and seek a license.

They will also have to get approval from the Sandwich Zoning Board of Appeals.

“All of the bullet points that you gave me that were legally able to be incorporated have been incorporated into this,” said Sandwich Town Manager Bud Dunham.

“I know some of the big concerns the board had were related to things like indemnification and severability,” he said.

During the discussion last week, selectmen and Town Manager Bud Dunham said they wanted the eventual agreement to have a non-transferable clause.

“There are no joint ventures, that was a big thing. This is really a complete contract,” said Selectman Shane Hoctor.

That would require any company that purchases Good Health to seek new approval from the town.

The agreement with Sandwich will also require Good Health to pay to town a percentage of their retail sales and provide money for substance abuse counseling.

And the town with the highest tax rates decides to do something proactive about it. Nice work, Sandwich. Now if some of these towns would be open to recreational shops, maybe we could jump-start the year-round economy, create more jobs, decrease tax rates, improve public safety via product regulation and increased wages for municipal employees…and we’d (pun intended) really start getting somewhere. Time for the opposition to pull their heads out the sand and quit acting like Cannabis is even remotely as bad as the rampant alcohol and opioid problem we have on Cape Cod.