Acoustic System to Repel Seals, Limit Shark Attacks Proposed to County Officials

BARNSTABLE – A local company is proposing the use of soundwaves in Cape Cod waters to keep seal populations away from shore in an effort to prevent shark attacks.

Deep Blue LLC presented its idea to the Barnstable County Board of Regional Commissioners Wednesday.

The concept would be to create underwater audio systems that would emit soundwaves unpleasant to seals.

Deep Blue co-founder Willy Planinshek said the problem on the Outer Cape is an overpopulation of seals which creates an overpopulation of great white sharks.

“The seals are increasing for the last few years at a 20 percent increase per year,” Planinshek said.

Planinshek said the goal is to direct the seals population patterns away from the beaches.

“If I can change their instinct direction from that temporarily, smoothly, gently, with no harm to the animal whatsoever by a directed soundwave that is tailored to their inner ear chamber to cause an irritation… it’s going to affect their mobility as a predator to survive,” Planinshek said.

“Our concept is that seal is going to put its blinker on and either take a right or a left into deeper and friendlier waters.”

Deep Blue believes if the seals move offshore, it will result in the sharks following.

“That is their food source. That is their dinner table,” Planinshek said.

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We definitely have an overpopulation of seals on Cape Cod. Will sound waves work or will seals outsmart them? Will it drive away other animals? Do you think this is a safe solution or will nature adapt to whatever technology we come up with? Let me know in the comment section!