Could a Strike Curb Martha's Vineyard Buses this Summer?— Bus drivers with the Martha’s Vineyard Transit Authority have voted in favor of a strike in the event they cannot come to terms with agency officials.

They say they want health and safety improvements, and wage increases along with changes to disciplinary and due process procedures.

The drivers are threatening to strike during the busy summer season if they can’t get an agreement with management.

No date for an actual strike has been set so far as the two sides continue to negotiate.

Anyone who’s been to Martha’s Vineyard is familiar with how spread out points of interests can be and the convenience of the buses that run around the island. Have you ever been to Martha’s Vineyard? Does anyone in the Clothstituence know about the Uber market on the island? Is private van or coach shuttling popular?

Timing is everything and not having buses on the Vineyard during the busy season seems like it would be an inconvenience. Your thoughts?