Weed War Wages On (in Falmouth)

FALMOUTH – A condominium association has expressed opposition to a proposed medical marijuana dispensary in Teaticket.

Nature’s Remedy of Massachusetts was granted a community host agreement by selectmen for the proposed Route 28 facility across from Stop & Shop in November.

During a Planning Board hearing last month, a company representative and designer presented plans for the property.

Attorney Patrick Brady, who represents the property’s condo association, said unit owners do not control the outside of the building, landscaping or parking spaces.

“They have no right to put lights out there, no right to put surveillance cameras,” Brady said.

“They have no right to do any landscaping without prior approval of the board.”

Brady said the condo board does not approve any of the design changes proposed by the company at this time.

“It’s the board’s opinion and some of the unit owners’ opinion that this is not the right place for this,” Brady said.

Brady said it was up to the planning board to grant a permit for the Nature’s Remedy, but that permit would not control the common area, for the building exterior or for the parking.

The planning board said it would need to see a landscaping plan and outside designs before issuing a permit and that it seemed like more discussions between the company and condo board are needed.

Wouldn’t it be ironic to see if any of the condo residents tested positive for cannabis? One would hope the Falmouth residents have zero issues with tax rates, revenues, or jobs while pursuing this prohibition. Do you think it makes sense? Let us know in the comments!