Weed War Wages On (in Brewster)

BREWSTER — Multiple businesses are looking to open in Brewster, including Cape Cod Grow Lab, a cultivation facility, and the Haven Center, a medical and recreational dispensary.

"We commend Attorney General Healey for this decision," James Borghesani, a spokesman for the Haven Center, wrote in a statement. "Beyond a procedural win, it's a win for new, permanent Cape Cod jobs and significant new tax revenues for Brewster. The baseless scare scenarios used by the backers of the ill-advised ban will not become reality, just as they haven't in any other town moving forward with regulated, taxed cannabis sales."

Cape Cod Grow Lab is the closest to opening in Brewster. The business already has secured a special permit from the town and a provisional license from the Cannabis Control Commission, the state agency that oversees marijuana businesses.

Concerned Residents of Brewster, the citizens group that brought the general bylaw ban to town meeting, doesn't appear to be giving up. It has filed a petition article for May town meeting that would amend the town's marijuana business zoning regulations.

"We're disappointed but anticipated a negative outcome, considering the Charlton Land Court decision," Diane Driscoll, a member of the group, wrote in an email. "Therefore, our citizen petition zoning by-law amendment for the Spring Town Meeting is more important than ever."

The proposed zoning change would allow only medical dispensaries and cultivation facilities in certain parts of town. If passed, the article would remove marijuana product manufacturers, testing laboratories, retailers and other types of recreational marijuana businesses from the town's industrial and commercial high-density zone, where they are currently allowed.

Cynthia Bingham, chairwoman of the Select Board, said she wasn't surprised by the attorney general's office decision. The board will refer the citizens petition to the Planning Board for review ahead of town meeting, she said.

It’s mind-boggling that Cape Cod residents choose to ignore the marijuana market. It exists in their town no matter how they feel about it. It’s ironic that the same towns complaining about taxe rates and jobs are the same ones trying to keep the Marijuana money in the black market. It’s so well-regulated there, just ask your kids :)