Interesting Point in Falmouth Municipal Budget— Falmouth voters approved the town’s operating budget of $136,365,398 at town meeting last night where residents made it through 36 of the 44 articles on the warrant.

Officials were also given permission to hire four new police officers and two new fire fighters, the positions are needed, according to Town Manager Julian Suso, as the town continues to see fallout from the opioid crisis. Read more.

Interesting point made by and emphasized in the second paragraph regarding the opioid crisis. I’ve featured some different stories around Gosnold here before and their wonderful work. Do you think it’s the opioid drug stigma that has led to recent oppositions on cannabis dispensaries on Cape Cod? Or is it a completely different issue? It seems that one is depriving towns of money and one is creating revenue for them. Feel free to educate the rest of us in the comments if you can. Thanks!