Barnstable Program Prepares for Potential Impacts of Climate Change

HYANNIS – The Town of Barnstable held a community planning event on Friday in an effort to prepare for the impacts of natural hazards caused by climate change.

Through the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) program, area residents explored the current and future vulnerabilities to the Cape’s infrastructure and environment resulting from natural hazards and changing climate conditions.

The town put on the program with the assistance of staff from the Cape Cod Commission and Cooperative Extension.  

“Part of the workshop is for the group to sort of discuss the main hazards they’re concerned about, so it could be a whole range of things,” said Cape Cod Commission Natural Resource Officer Heather McEllroy.

“But, this group is talking about things like coastal erosion, winter storms, extreme weather, wildfire I think is another one on their mind, flooding is certainly one of those threats the Town of Barnstable should be thinking about.”

The event also called for participants to develop and prioritize municipal and community response actions.

Participants worked with local and regional leaders to characterize hazards facing the community, identify community vulnerabilities and risks, identify and prioritize potential community actions, and recommend overall priority actions for the community.

Do you think that flooding is the biggest environmental threat facing Cape Cod? Or is there something more important?

As we continue to build, scientists have pointed to an eventual scarcity in sand as it pertains to use in concrete manufacturing. Keep an eye on tourists taking sand back to their cars this summer.