Chatham Elementary School Awarded $5000 from Westgate Fund!

CHATHAM- The Westgate Teacher Fellowship Fund award for 2019 goes to three teachers and the psychologist at Chatham Elementary School. They will be going to Canada in November 2019 to participate in the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) Lab in Toronto and to visit exemplary schools in Ottawa and Montreal.

The teachers are Meghan Lampert, Elise Johnson-Dreyer, Mia Caolo and school psychologist Nicole Camp. The award of $5,000 is the largest given in the 35 year history of the Westgate Fund. It will cover the expenses of this four-person “scouting party” to observe first-hand the ways in which Deep Learning experiences can be implemented in the classroom. While all Monomoy principals were invited to indicate interest in participating, it was the initiative taken by Dr. Robin Millen, principal at Chatham Elementary School, that led to the selection of these teachers.

NPDL focuses on the six C’s, character education, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. It is the hope of the Westgate Committee, Dr. Millen and the scouting party, that the lessons learned by these teachers will be shared throughout the district.

From Monomoy and the Fisherman’s Alliance to this, Cape Cod schools in Harwich and Chatham appear to be on the right track. Congrats to Meghan, Elise, Mia and Nicole.

Even as someone who uses technology frequently, the idea of “Deep Learning Experience” is intriguing because it sounds like school before cell phones, which is how most of us experienced it.