Plymouth Man Turns Cape Cod into Personal Grand Theft Auto Video Game

BARNSTABLEA 20-year-old Plymouth man is facing several charges after allegedly attacking a Sandwich police officer and dragging him for 30 feet after a traffic stop on Monday.

Trevon Souza was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery on a police officer, possession of a class B drug, resisting arrest, negligent operation of a vehicle, and operating a vehicle with a suspended license.

  Souza smelled of alcohol and Reid spotted a large sum of money, small baggies with white powder in them and a bag of marijuana in the car, the report says.

He tried to handcuff Souza, who allegedly tensed up. Reid pushed him against his car and told him to relax but Souza allegedly spun and jabbed the officer with his elbow, then dashed into the driver's seat of his vehicle, Reid wrote.

"I then attempted to rip SOUZA out of the vehicle, but he was able to get the vehicle into drive and he floored the gas pedal, taking off at a high rate of speed," Reid wrote. "I struggled with SOUZA, again ordering him to stop, before being dragged half in the vehicle about 30 feet before I let go, landing in the far lane of Quaker Meeting House Road."

The producers of Live PD might want to consider Cape Cod in their destinations decisions. Keep your heads on a swivel out there, people.  Glad nobody was hurt.