Checking in with Cape Abilities!

Cape Abilities participants are learning to make choices about services that they desire and, just as importantly, are also learning how to advocate for appropriate supports, even connecting with our local legislators to talk about specific service and support needs.   With self-advocacy training, they become valued employees at local businesses, essential community partners working to improve the natural environment, and respected volunteers who support the work of other non-profit agencies.


We are so proud of the seven Cape Abilities participants and three staff members who graduated from our third Self-Advocacy Leadership Series this past December!  This program continues to provide education and training support for people with disabilities, and seeks to help these individuals improve their skills in the areas of decision-making and leadership. The eight-weeks of classes was also a great opportunity to connect people with disabilities to create self-advocacy networks and expand their personal social network.  Congratulations to all!! Read More

$1 of your Cape Cloth clothing purchases are donated to Cape Abilities