Before any piece is produced, Fitzy asks "Why does our customer want this?"


Throughout the Pop-Ups this Summer, people expressed how soft our sweatshirts are and how much they wear them, but always followed the compliment with "Do you have anything without a hood?"

We wanted to make the perfect crewneck sweatshirt. We tried in Winter 2016. If you own one, you know how soft it feels. You also may realize that the neck and sides stretch over time and the blend was so soft that a stiff wind could blow through it. You might like that on certain Summer nights, but we knew we could do better. We needed something that was cut and sewn to stand up against the wind and drizzle on the outside, but also have a soft and cozy layer of fleece on the inside. We also wanted it to be substantial enough to be worn alone, but not so bulky that it couldn't be layered.


Always focusing on the "why?", we looked back throughout Cape Cod history. The crewneck sweatshirt has been an essential piece of wardrobes because it was appropriate no matter the situation. We wanted a vintage-inspired crewneck updated with our super soft cotton/poly blend and brushed fleece interior. We added raglan sleeves for comfort and offset side-seams wrapped to the front for a slight taper. It's designed to hold its shape while the cloth softens with age.

The feel and fit are the focus of these crewnecks. Cape Cloth was always designed to be something that brought locals together by helping home, so we embroidered our original logo in the left chest, ensuring these pieces can be worn anywhere appropriately, dressed up or down, for any situation.

We can't wait to see how the Clothstituence styles them :) Fall in...