Cloth Capsule [No.1] Be Water, My Friends...

One day I went to the post office to drop off packages and the local postman handed me a picture of a five year old boy.


Hands full circa '88

Hands full circa '88

Even weirder...the five year-old was me.

Turns out Mr. Postman had grown up with some of my Dad's relatives off-Cape. They still kept in touch. Somewhere in conversation, Cape Cloth came up and said relative drops this picture.

It's probably the last time I rocked Cape anything before Cloth Sauce. The tee's script, the font, the "C.C.", it's comical. 

The colors are great, though (along with the cash and candy in my hands). 

The Inception Long Sleeve

The Inception Long Sleeve

There are so many awesome memories that I have of childhood: The Beach, BMX Bikes, Masters of the Universe and GI Joe Cartoons, cutting my mouth open on the stick of gum in a pack Topps Cards. It was a pink razorblade covered in sugar. Not gluten-free. Barely edible.


I hold those memories so close. When I'm driving around the Cape, it's like augmented reality because I see what's around me, but I also remember what it was like 30 years ago. I'm constantly having an introspective dialogue about its evolution. 

For Cape Cloth, 2018 is about nostalgia versus progression. The Cape Cod I loved growing up with contemporary sauce, starting with The Inception release and moving into...

Capsule[No.1] Bayside Long Sleeve1Wave Fleece Pants

With colors that would make the Fresh Prince proud, the first Capsule of 2018 is rooted in early 90s pop culture. Perfect as post-beach cover-ups or winter lounge staples (just add a your favorite Starter jacket). 

The next step in the super-soft lineage of Cape Cloth is Fleece Pants, starting with the 1Wave. I wore these everyday, walking along the beach or the canal, and the plush fleece kept me warm even with North Winds blowing over 20mph.. They performed every time. We made the side pockets extra deep on these and never, between keys, wallet, phone, headphones, etc. had anything fall out! We also brought back straight legs with reinforced double overlock stitching on the ankles so you can wear them anywhere without feeling too short or too tight ;) An Aqua-colored, Satori-inspired logo completes the 1Wave.

The Bayside Long Sleeve is the same pigment-dyed material as the Inception Long Sleeve, built for durability without sacrificing super soft feel, the yellow and pink gradient play perfectly on the same aqua tone as the 1Wave.

Pair these two together for a plush, cozy outfit that's stylish for all seasons. The only thing you have to be concerned about is securing your size before they're gone!