Capture the Capsule!

Clothing and style are a creative way to connect with people and bring attention to things that are important. You can hear about something 1,000 times and not know what it means until you experience it.

Vince Wilfork Fitzpatrick is all smiles

Vince Wilfork Fitzpatrick is all smiles

I want to interact more with The Clothstituence, have fun, and bring you products that improve our experience. why not take the socially conscious business to the streets while having fun with the way you shop?! felt like a win-win to me.

Slick Ric knows all about being Custom Made

The Custom-Made, Cape Cloth Capsule is a mobile shopping experience that will be traveling across Cape Cod this summer, popping up, chopping it up with you as well as releasing limited and different products in different destinations across the Cape. 

Check out the events page and follow along on instagram, snapchat, and facebook to capture the capsule.

Do you want to book the capsule at your business? contact us