Introspection: Both Edges of the Sword

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Introspection. When does it cross over the productive border and become paranoia? I'm fascinated by one's finding of their distinctive voice.

How does one build intuition? Through experience! Inevitably we have to stop thinking and do. Along the way we get to find out about our faults.

And what is "failure" really? Is it even real? Or is just the fear of the hypothetical mistake you're afraid of? What will people think of you? The difference between YOU finding your faults, realizing them, learning from them, and working on them...versus worrying about someone else's opinion of your faults? Who really cares?

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I can say, through experience, being introspective in order to identify what my priorities are (both business wise and personally) helps me act with purpose and therefore, trust my intuition, which helps me live authentically. Starting my own business is the biggest risk I've ever taken and has brought trials and tribulations that I never foresaw. The ironic part is that without the bad things happening, the good things wouldn't have had the opportunity to occur. The sales and feedback are confirmations that a vision was executed. I know what I want to achieve while knowing what needs to be accomplished to realistically get there. 

You need to approve of my execution. 

Living authentically helps save time and energy by identifying things that enrich life or detract from it.  I'm passionate about helping people though better products and experiences. 

Hopefully authenticity is something people still value :)

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