Meet the Model: Allyanna

Where do you spend most of your time on Cape? Which town is your favorite? 

A: I spend most of my time on cape in Truro. It's hard to pick a favorite but I'm gonna have to go with my hometown Brewster because of all the great memories I have there. 


What is your passion/What are your passions?

A: I would say I'm most passionate about working out, surfing, and playing tennis. 


What’s your favorite Cape Cod activity?

A: My favorite Cape Cod activity is actually fishing/clamming even though I rarely get to do it. 


Where is your favorite Cape Cod spot? Why?

A: My favorite Cape Cod spot is Race Point in Provincetown. It's my favorite because you can drive all the way out to be somewhat isolated from the crowds and still have a great time fishing, swimming, and grilling on the beach.