Meet the Model: Sarah

Ack Red Crewneck. Bodhi Beanie.

Ack Red Crewneck. Bodhi Beanie.

Where do you spend most of your time on Cape? Which town is your favorite? 

Now that I go to school in central Mass. I appreciate and miss home more. I would say I spend most of my time at the beach when I'm home. My favorite spot in particular is Mayflower Beach, I love how the tides can roll so far out. My favorite town is Dennis, I grew up there and went to DY so it's a special place to me.

What is your passion/What are your passions?

I am passionate about helping others. I am currently in nursing school so I guess this profession is fitting. Nursing school can be really tough at times but I've truly appreciated all the opportunities it's given me and the ones I have in store for me. People come from all walks of life and different situations so I truly like to emphasize everyone being treated with kindness and fairness.

What’s your favorite Cape Cod activity?

Of course I love to go to the beach. But I really enjoy going to different locally owned food places around the Cape. I am a big fan of supporting local business! Whenever I can I try to make it up to the National Sea Shore or walk around Provincetown.

Where is your favorite Cape Cod spot? Why?

Cahoon Hallow beach is a pretty amazing spot, just the view from the tops of the dunes is breath taking. Although the water can be cold, I love to buggie board in the waves! Seasonal that beach is great, storms can really effect that side of the Cape and it can be beautiful to watch.