Meet the Model: Emily

Guru Hood - Black

Guru Hood - Black

Where do you spend most of your time on Cape? Which town is your favorite? 

I love Orleans! It's so beautiful. Come summertime, you can usually find me where there is live music, especially at the Nauset Beach gazebo or Wequassett jazz nights. Let's not forget the Hot Chocolate Sparrow. I basically live there! Their coffee and espresso are my favorite (& maybe some chocolate here & there because treat yo-self!). The close-knit community here in Orleans makes it all the more special. 

What is your passion/What are your passions?

Health, fitness, and nutrition. You can usually find me in the gym or purchasing veggies for a new (or old) recipe! I love inspiring others to improve their lives through fitness and nutrition as well. I am certified in these fields and frequently I am asked questions. It is always my pleasure to discuss it when I am not on the run working in real estate. Health is wealth! I also LOVE to dance! Once upon a time I was a technically trained dancer and have performed professionally in Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, Hershey Park for Rascall Flatts, pro arena football, and various charity events where I grew up in New Jersey. I was even a finalist for the NY Jets flight crew! 

What’s your favorite Cape Cod activity?

I have two favorites: Morning beach walks (when it's warm!) with my little dog are my favorite. Marcus, my 7lb Morkie, might love this activity more than I do! Every trip is a new adventure for him and it's heart warming to experience his never ending excitement. My other favorite activity is watching the spectacular sunsets. They are incredibly breathtaking all times of the year. 

Where is your favorite Cape Cod spot? Why?

There are so many great spots here on Cape Cod- too many to choose just one! Aside from the gorgeous beaches, I do love Ocean Edge and Wequassett resorts. 

Cape Cod Special Memories?

My parents purchased their Orleans property when I was just three months old, and we also summered in Eastham. For this reason, Cape Cod is so near & dear to my heart. 

Anything you’d like to draw attention to that’s important to you? 

I'm grateful to have worked with Cape Cloth. Modeling is so much fun for me and Sean is fantastic! What I love so much about the brand (besides the quality and forward style)  is giving back to Cape Abilities. When you purchase Cape Cloth, you are not only supporting local business but also contributing to help disabled locals learn and develop their skills. It's a rewarding experience to know we can positively impact their lives.