Meet the Model: Dre

Bodhi Long Sleeve

Bodhi Long Sleeve

Where do you spend most of your time on Cape? Which town is your favorite? 

I spend most of my days in Chatham and nights in Provincetown. Kind of an escape from reality coming to p town every night. Very small town yet full of very big hearts. My favorite skatepark on Cape is also located in Provincetown so that explains a lot too !  ❤️💛💚💙💜

What is your passion/What are your passions?

My main passion is music. Ever since a child I've known I wanted to be a musician. Just something about getting through to people via music makes me complete. Another passion of mine is skateboarding which again I have done since a kid.  (I also like to model 😏) 

What’s your favorite Cape Cod activity?

My favorite Cape Cod activity will forever be fishing/crabbing with the fam ! I always find myself gravitating back to the things I did in my childhood because that's what really made me! 🐟

Where is your favorite Cape Cod spot? Why?

I would be lying if I said I only have one favorite spot on Cape, as most of us don't . 

But my favorite place to go and relax would definitely be Crab Creek of South Yarmouth. Slowly eroding becoming less and less of a creek every year, it will still always be there to me. I learned so much from my grandpa there ! I can still see him in the water in his waders when I pass by. Crab Creek will forever play a major role in my life 🦀

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