Meet the Model: David

Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt

Where do you spend most of your time on Cape? Which town is your favorite? 

I split my time between my home and my office.  I am very fortunate to be able to have an office on the Hyannis Harbor.  When getting free-time to relax with my family, we are typically on Sandy Neck.  SNK is such a gift to us on the Cape.  The trails, the beach and ability to drive out - some days it can feel like your own personal paradise.  

What is your passion/What are your passions?

I have a great admiration for the water.  The sea is a remarkable place - habitat for marine life, avenue of transportation for shipping, recreational activities and the pure beauty of its being.  There is an amazing balance of strength and calmness that the ocean holds.

What’s your favorite Cape Cod activity?

Being a wash-a-shore - I feel like no matter what we do as a family on the Cape, it will be fun.  To use a cliche saying, "We live where people come to vacation."  With that being said, I enjoy doing most anything outside.  The beaches on the Cape are outstanding, The bike paths allow safe travel between towns while pedaling around.  And the ease of hopping in a boat and sailing over to one of the islands.... it is so hard to pick a single favorite thing to do.  Honestly, what ever we do, as long as the kids are having a good time, that is may favorite thing to do.

Where is your favorite Cape Cod spot? Why?

So many cool places on the Cape to explore and enjoy, however, I feel like other than spending a day on SNK, I like to show out of towners the Boardwalk in Sandwich.  The smell of the marsh, long wooden structure, the scenic panoramic view - its a lot for someone to enjoy.

Special Memories/Stories?

As mentioned earlier, I am a wash-a-shore, I did not grow up here.  I am very thankful that I have finally made the pilgrimage and settled on the Cape.  I look forward to raising my kids here and allowing them the opportunity to explore what the Cape has to offer.

What's important to you? 

Whats important to me - well, my kids are whats most important.  I always want them to be involved what they enjoy doing.  It makes me extremely proud to see them grow.

I get to do that for my children, and my family by being a Broker for Oyster Harbors Marine.  I am thrilled to spend my days 'working' on the water and around boats all day.  As a broker I facilitate people into realizing their dreams.  For many acquiring a new boat can be a daunting task and I enjoy helping ease the journey.  We represent some of the best names in the industry and I will work with folks in finding what type of vessel would best fit their needs and desires.  For anyone who is looking for a new or pre-owned boat, I can be reached at