Reflections: 2017

It starts and ends with you, the customer.

You need to be rewarded: with more content, more variety, better products, better prices, a better experience whether you visit Cape Cod or shop online

Happy Customers! @davehudnall

Happy Customers! @davehudnall

We won't produce something just to produce it. People have enough stuff. Cape Cloth clothes should be the ones you go through your drawer for, and if they're not there, you hunt them down and contemplate doing laundry (if the smell comes to that).

You've continued to help build The Clothstituence through a lot of craziness and to make it over three years in this business or market is difficult, so I'm insanely grateful and indebted to you. It's been really cool to talk to so many different people in that time and hear how special Cape Cod is to them too. It drives me to evolve Cape Cloth design wise and quality wise.

To the team: Yimi Guru, Ryan, and Sully. A Massive Thank you for helping develop the vision and always exceeding expectations. 

We're onto 2018 :)

Sean FitzpatrickComment