CapeAbilities Quick Online Tour

Disclaimer: This post isn't about clothes, but rather another necessity that we all can agree on: Food and home! (and food-related items).

Even growing up in Dennis and spending a lot of time here, there are always things that (pleasantly) surprise me. Those that follow Cape Cloth on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, have heard me tout the New CapeAbilities Farm Stand and Farm to Table Market and Gallery for the last few months. Reason being I don't feel as though people have the proper scope or breadth of products these places offer!

Everyone knows about CapeAbilities phenomenal produce and gorgeous flowers for indoors and outdoors, but these places have all kinds of stuff for your house! Recyclable and re-uasable olive oils, hot sauces, spices, jams, jellies, pies, candles, clothes, greeting cards, fantastic local artwork, furniture, reusable bags, beach toys, regular toys, and home+garden essentials. I'm rambling. Take a look at the pictures. Better yet, just stop in and check it out for yourself.