I've never been a New Year's Resolution person. I've actually never really been into New Year's Eve/Day. Perhaps years of bartending and aging have gotten the best of me, but it always seemed like amateur hour: People actively deciding to consume more alcohol than normal while simultaneously committing to bettering themselves next year...starting tomorrow...usually resulting in recidivism somewhere in February. 

I know that's a generalization. I know there are plenty of people honestly reflecting and deciding to make "a firm decision to do or not to do something" in the New Year. And I've always been more successful when setting goals. So because 2015 will mark the first full year of operations for Cape Cloth, here are a few resolutions for the year:

  • Expand Clothing beyond "Hats That Give Back"
  • Blow your mind with NEW designs incorporating Cape Cloth's logo with popular Cape Cod activities
  • Beat the previous quarter's donations to CapeAbilities 
  • Continue to provide unmatched customer service and speedy delivery
  • Provide more live shopping experiences across Cape Cod
  • Collaborate with other Cape Cod small businesses to provide something new that benefits something local
  • Work on designing hover boards that properly represent the 2015 depicted in Back to the Future II 
yeah right, everyone know's Cape Cloth would design something like the Pit Bull

yeah right, everyone know's Cape Cloth would design something like the Pit Bull

As always, THANK YOU to each and every customer! Keep tagging #capecloth online with all your pics depicting how you "Love the Cape and wear the Cloth". I'll keep reposting 'em. Click here to check out the #capeclothcrew 

Here's to all of us making 2015 the best it can be! 


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