2015: Cold Mojo

How 'bout those Patriots? Overcoming two different 14-point deficits to rally and beat the Ravens and advance to the AFC Championship. For the fourth time in a row. Something about this game was different. It was like there was an outside force seeing the Patriots through...

christie pumpkin

Cape Cloth Karma is gonna getcha, Ravens! We've heard from [Cowboys owner] Jerry Jones about the importance of "playoff mojo". It's the whole reason [New Jersey Governor] Chris Christie is attending Cowboys games in an orange sweater despite representing the geographic area that directly rivals Dallas in the NFC East. Now it doesn't matter what team you root for, but sartorially, and for karma's sake, wouldn't you rather wear a hat that gives back over something that resembles Peanuts' "Great Pumpkin"? 


Some more thoughts:

First of all, No. You're not on acid. YouTube wanted to fix the shaking selfie-cam aka "my arm" because the wind was thrashing my extended limb back and forth. Secondly, you know what else causes clumsiness, lack of coordination, slurred speech, confusion, poor decision-making, drowsiness, lack of concern about one's condition, progressive loss of consciousness, weak pulse, and slow, shallow breathing? 


A stocking cap is the easiest, most portable, and cheapest way to regulate body temperature. Wear it to stay warm, remove it before you start sweating, repeat. It weighs almost nothing. Stick it in a pocket when you're not wearing it. Keep frostbite off your ears and forehead. 

Just remember the Cape Cloth Offseason is uniquely designed, hypoallergenic, itch-free, and donates $1 to CapeAbilities every time you buy one. It's sure to keep you warm to the soul. 

Love the Cape, wear the Cloth.